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SOUTHPOINT YOUTH At SouthPoint Youth we exist to help teenagers Connect, Disciple, and Grow. We want them to Connect with others and with God. Disciple them to an authentic walk with Christ, and to help them Grow in their calling through a variety of serving opportunities. Learn More
CHILDREN SouthPoint Kidz is the children’s ministry of The SouthPoint Church. It exists to teach God’s truth in ways that impact a child’s choices and actions. Through our community of families, volunteers, and children, SouthPoint Kidz creates an atmosphere to meet God and get to know Him a little better each week…all while having fun. Learn More
SOUTHPOINT GROUPS We believe that people are meant to live life together, and joining a SouthPoint Group will help you connect with others, discover your purpose, and find your place. Learn More
SERVE TEAMS Serve Teams are just another great way to connect to the SouthPoint Family. Learn More