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Our new StartingPoint class is designed specifically for you. 
A four week growth track that will help you find your purpose and connect you and your family to the SouthPoint family. 


All people have a place, all people have a purpose, and all people matter. Our hope for you is that you find your purpose and connect with others to see just how much you really do matter.  We are committed to walking with you on that journey.  Register today for our StartingPoint Class.

To help you get started feel free to download the StartingPoint manual.
StartingPoint Manuel


1. Week One In this class you will get a chance to hear the SouthPoint story and the overall history of the church. You’ll get a chance to meet the pastor and hear the mission and vision God has placed in him to reach our community.  In the first week you’ll meet some of the other staff, volunteers and lead team members.  This will also be a great chance for question and answers before you take step two. 

2. Week Two This class will be a more in depth discussion about what we believe and, you will get a chance for more Q&A about some of the essential and non essentials built into our beliefs.  In this hour you will also get a chance to hear some of the God moments that brought SouthPoint to where it is today.

3. Week Three If you decide to make SouthPoint a place to call home, this is considered our membership time.  We will discuss our denomination affiliates, how decisions are made, our expectations and define what it means to be a member of SouthPoint.  We believe Membership Matters.  It is in fact the back bone of everything we do and who we are.   We not only want you to be well informed but feel ready to plant you and your family here and join with confidence.  If you’ve completed the class and need fill out the membership application see “Downloadable” forms below. 

4. Week Four This will be the last step in your journey to finding your purpose.  In this class you will be give information about ways you can connect with the SouthPoint family by connecting to a serve team.  We believe everyone has a unique set of gifts that God has put in you to be used for His mission and vision.  We believe you where made by God, you where made for God, and you are called according to His purposeIf you’ve completed the class and need fill out the Volunteer application see “Downloadable” forms below. 

StartingPoint Class  Everything starts here, whether you’re looking for more information, ways to get connected, discover our mission and beliefs or wanting to become a member.  The StartingPoint growth track is your next step.  This class begins the 1st Sunday of each month, lasts about an hour and takes place each Sunday for 4 weeks.  We will serve refreshments and provide childcare.  It is hosted by our Pastor and his team members and they can help you discover what’s next for you and your family.  Please use the,“REGISTER FOR THE STARTINGPOINT CLASS”, form so we will know you’re coming.


Downloadable Forms
Membership Application
Volunteer Application 

Register for the StartingPoint Class. Starting the first Sunday of every month at 9am for 4 weeks.
Please list your mobile number.